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How to make a Kentucky Stick Chair

wooden stick chair
Stick chair project

Step 9. The chair unfolding

unfolding the stick chair

Simply grab the wire at each end of the chair top and lift the unit up so it's upright and on its legs.

This is one of the most rewarding stages of the project - seeing it fold into a chair.

Step 10. Squeeze the pieces in

The chair pieces squeezed in

Squeeze the top of the back pieces together: i.e. just with your hands, push the pieces together until they touch.

The wire is longer than necessary at this stage and will need trimming.

Step 11. Snip the wire

The threaded chair wire being cut

When the top of chair is pushed together, cut the wire at each side leaving a "2" (50mm) overhang.

(Note alternative fastening option before Step 14 which requires a shorter overhang.)

This can be done with a tool such as a bolt cutter, a wire cutter, heavy pliers, or a hacksaw.

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Step 12. Fold and staple

The chair wire bent and stapled

Fold the wire over and fasten with two galvanized wire staples, at each fold.
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