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User photos and a note or two

Red telephone box project

From John Monahan:   I have read and re-read your wonderful plans for... more below

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Johns miniature red telephone | the front view

I have read and re-read your wonderful plans for the English Phone Booth, Les, and thanked you a thousand times for handing me the dimensions and build ideas.
The attached pictures of my Little Free Library shows it's approx half scale. I took liberties, many indecent, with your plans, but the Phone Booth DNA is unmistakable.
It was built out of epoxied White Oak, and nary a fastener used until the base. You're the guy I thank for helping me do it.
BTW - I build outdoors, year long, under a deck, with a table saw I can carry in one hand. It is amazing what you can do with a table saw slide table. I very much appreciated your simple approach to building!
John T. Monahan

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