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How to build a 1200mm (4ft) rectangle Coffee Table [Table of contents below]

Instructions continued

Step 4. Chisel an edge off the top of each leg

table leg and chisel

With a chisel, take the arris (sharp edge) off one side of each leg (a), beginning about 60mm (2 1/2") down from the top and continuing up to the top.

Make the depth of the chisel cut about 10mm (3/8").

This is so the bolt-head will be against a flat area of wood rather than an arris.

Step 5. Fix the legs to the top rails

coffee table corner and clamp

Clamp the legs to the top rails (b),and drill a hole all the way through each corner support (d) and leg (a). See pictures.

Make the holes slightly bigger than the thickness of the bolts.

Insert the bolts and tighten.

Step 6. The final touches

Finally paint, stain, varnish or oil the table.

coffee table being painted

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