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Tudor-Style Shed Project

tudor-style storage shed
How to build a 10'x10' Tudor-style storage shed
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1: Introduction & Quantities
2: Quantities - continued
3: Making the sledge
4: The floor & Angle info
5: Making the wall frames
6: Cutting the wall panels
7: Cutting the roof rafters
8: Standing the walls/roof  you are on this page
9: Fixing the roof boards
10: Making the door/window
11: Fitting the door/window
12: Making the drip caps
13: Sub-floor plan
14: Floor plan
15: Stud lay-out plan
16: Front wall plan
17: Rear wall plan
18: Side wall plan
19: Front-wall cladding plan
20: Rear-wall cladding plan
21: Side elevation plan
22: Roof plan
23: Door & window plan
24: Help files
Liftng the shed walls in place

Part 15: Standing the walls

Grab your friends and lift the rear wall into place. Have someone balance it while others position a side wall.
Hold the rear and side walls together with a couple of clamps.
Likewise with the other side wall and the front wall.
Nail at the corners through the front and rear wall studs into the side wall studs using 4" (100mm) galvanized flathead nails, four at each corner. Nail the bottom plates to the sub-floor where possible.

Part 15 video clip Time: 1:26

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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

putting up thr shed roof frame

Part 16: Erecting the roof frame

Cut the ridge board to the dimensions given in the 'Side elevation plan and ridge-board detail' and fix it on top of the front and rear walls with 2 hurricane ties at each end.

Use a couple of temporary uprights clamped to the top of both the front and rear walls to hold the ridge board in place until such time as the hurricane ties are nailed securely to both front and rear walls. The temporary uprights can then be unclamped and discarded.

Fix the four fly-rafter and rafter ladder-type units (see part 12) in place over the rear and front wall-frame top plates. Refer to the plans for position.
You may need somebody to help hold them in place while you nail. Nail through the ridge beam into the top-ends of the rafters Then ensure the rafters are parallel with the top plates and nail (toe nail, angle nail) through the blocking into the top plates to fix.

Now add the rest of the common rafters evenly spread out along the ridge board.
First nail them to the ridge board. Then run your eye along the ridge board and the side-wall top plates.
Ensure they are straight.
Fix the lower end of the common rafters to the side wall top plate by angle nailing (toe nailing) through the side of the rafters into the top plate. Just use one nail at each meeting to hold.
Then fix hurricane ties or similar fasteners to the rafters and the inside-top of the side walls.

Part 16 video clip Time: 1:22