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Tudor-Style Shed Project

tudor-style storage shed
How to build a 10'x10' Tudor-style storage shed
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1: Introduction & Quantities
2: Quantities - continued
3: Making the sledge
4: The floor & Angle info
5: Making the wall frames
6: Cutting the wall panels
7: Cutting the roof rafters
8: Standing the walls/roof
9: Fixing the roof boards  you are on this page
10: Making the door/window
11: Fitting the door/window
12: Making the drip caps
13: Sub-floor plan
14: Floor plan
15: Stud lay-out plan
16: Front wall plan
17: Rear wall plan
18: Side wall plan
19: Front-wall cladding plan
20: Rear-wall cladding plan
21: Side elevation plan
22: Roof plan
23: Door & window plan
24: Help files
Nailing the roof boards in place

Part 17: Fixing the roof boards

Run some felt roofing underlay (or similar building wrap) over the rafters before fixing the roofing boards.
Begin with the first row of boards 2" (50mm) up from the bottom of the rafters. The first row will require a wedge packer between the roof board and the rafters. Refer to the plan for visual guidance.
Ensure that the first row of boards are straight, as it will be used to measure and mark for the subsequent rows. Use a string-line or chalk-line to achieve this.
If the roof boards do not run the length of the roof in one piece, then make sure that any join is over a rafter, and also that the joins are covered with a galvanized metal soaker. Also make sure all joins on subsequent rows are staggered, i.e. joins on any two consecutive boards do not line up.

Work your way up to the top.
The top portion of each side can be fixed off scaffolding (stools and planks etc) from within the inside of the shed.
The bottom part can be fixed off scaffolding (stools and planks etc) from outside the shed.

When all the roof boards are on, fix an angled galvanized flashing along the apex.

Part 17 video clip Time: 1:07

fitting the roof trim

Part 18: Fixing the roof trim

Cut and fix the barge cap and the barge board.
The barge cap is a piece of 3/4" x 6" (150mm x 19mm) board that runs up the rake of the roof, and sits over the ends of the roof boards.
Fix the barge cap in place, overhanging the fly rafter by 2" (50mm).
The barge board is a piece of 3/4" x 3" (75mm x 19mm) board that goes under the barge cap and covers the top half of the fly rafter.
Fix the barge board to the fly rafters directly underneath the barge cap.
Note: Rip some roof boards in half (cut down lengthwise) to make the barge boards.

Part 18 video clip Time: 0:25