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An easy to make Bench Seat

My Ireland bench seat

My Irish bench seat project

I call this 'My Ireland Bench Seat Project'. Not because it has traits similar to any type of traditional Irish furniture or structure - but simply because I made it in Ireland.

Easy As

This is a great project for the novice woodworker or do-it-yourselfer.
Minimal tools are required. The whole thing could be cut out with just a handsaw.
There are only two different stock sizes used.
Most of the pieces are square-cut - easy, easy, easy, - although there are a couple of different angle-cuts required.
To make it easy to mark the lines for the angle-cuts, printable angle patterns are included in this instructive.
Just print them out, fold (or cut) along the lines and use them to mark the angles.
And... there are easy step-by-step instructions with plenty of helpful drawings and photos.

The source

I made this seat in the back shed of a quest house in Dublin, one of my places of stay whilst traveling around Ireland.
I managed to get my hands on a handsaw, electric drill and a few drill bits, a hammer, screw driver, measuring tape, pencil, square, and that was my total arsenal.
The only suitable wood I could get within a bull's roar of my place-of-stay was a softwood, not really suitable for outside use. As the seat was more than likely to spend most of its life outside - that meant preserving the wood.

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Moving on

On the next page is a pictorial overview - a quick visual guide to the contents within this documentation. That's followed on subsequent pages by the plans and cutting detail, printable angle patterns for the two different angle-cuts required, a bit of information on the wood sizes and the measurements given, the materials and the tool list, and step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos and drawings.

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