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An easy to make Bench Seat

Wood you will need

Note: If you cannot source the stock sizes given below, slightly bigger or smaller will do. I used a softwood which required coating with a preservative for outside use. If you are able to get a treated wood or a wood naturally resistant to decay, all the better.

3/4" x 2 3/4" (20mm x 69mm) for the seat slats and back-rest slats.
  (a) 13 pieces @ 48" (1200mm)
  (a1) 1 piece @ 16 1/2" (412mm)

1 1/4" x 2 3/4" (32mm x 69mm) for the side frames.
  (b) 2 pieces @ 23" (575mm)
  (c) 2 pieces @ 24" (600mm)
  (d) 2 pieces @ 31" (775mm)
  (e) 2 pieces @ 21 5/8" (540mm)
  (f) 2 pieces @ 25" (625mm)

You will also need:
Around one hundred 2" (50mm) exterior type wood screws, four 3/8" (10mm) galvanized carriage/coach bolts 3" (75mm) long, exterior type wood glue, wood preservative (if required).

And tools...
You can get way with just a handsaw, electric drill and drill bits for the bolts and screws, a hammer, square, screw driver, measuring tape, pencil, a bit of sand paper, and that's about it.

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bench seat in back garden
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