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Kid's Tree House with a
Slide and Swing-Set
kids playground
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How to build a Tree House with a Slide and Swing-Set

arrow Page 1:  Introduction and Plans
bullet Page 2:  Instructions - Deck Frame
bullet Page 3:  Instructions - Deck Frame
bullet Page 4:  Instructions - Deck and Slide
bullet Page 5: Instructions - The Steps
bullet Page 6: Instructions - The Steps
bullet Page 7: Instructions - The Handrail
bullet Page 8: Instructions - The Swing-Set

This tree house is really more of a self supporting platform built around a tree rather than the traditional type of tree house consisting of a small playhouse built or placed in the tree's branches.

This tree house was specifically designed for younger kids. Since built, it has had plenty of use from kids three years old and upwards and it's amazing just how fast the kids seem to hone their climbing skills.
The stairs make it easy for younger kids to get up to the tree house and there is a good handrail around the entire platform.

If you are making a similar type of structure for older and more adventurous kids, then you could probably do away with the steps and incorporate a ladder instead.

Safety note: Young kids should not be left to play on such a structure unsupervised.

Below are the plans and lumber amounts, followed by building instructions on other pages.
Keep in mind that this tree house was designed for a particular patch around a particular tree, and as patches and trees vary, you may also need to vary the plans to suit your tree and surroundings. Therefore, these plans and instructions are intended as a guide only.

tree house plans

Lumber stock sizes and total amounts used for this project not including the swing-set
bullet 150x50 (2"x6") stock for joists and stair treads. 26 meters (85 ft) required.
bullet 100x100 (4"4") stock for posts and sides of slide. 14.5 meters (47 ft) required.
bullet 200x50 (2"x8") stock for stair stringers. 3.6 meters (12 ft) required.
bullet 50x50 (2"x2") stock for balusters. 70 meters (230 ft) required.
bullet 75x50 (2"x3") stock for handrail. 12 meters (40 ft) required.
bullet 150x25 (1"x6") stock for decking. 33.5 meters (110 ft) required.

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