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How to build a Tree House with a Slide and Swing-Set

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Page 1:  Introduction and Plans
Page 2:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 3:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 4:  Instructions - Deck and Slide
Page 5: Instructions - The Steps
Page 6: Instructions - The Steps
Page 7: Instructions - The Handrail
Page 8: Instructions - The Swing-Set

Step six: The intermediate joists

fit the intermediate joists to the tree house floor

Place and fix the intermediate joists.

Space them so that the deck boards do not have to span more than 400mm (16") at any point.

Refer to the plans for an example.

Step seven: Block around the tree

block the joists in the tree house floor

Block around the tree branches.

Use any available off-cuts of wood.

The purpose of this step is to give the deck boards a support to attach to close up to the branches.

Step eight: Platform extension

make a jut-out to the tree house floor

Add any (only if needed) additional platform extensions.

The purpose of this particular platform jut-out is to off-set the angle of the slide in order to keep it a safe distance from the fence.

Any such jut-out extensions should have a galvanized metal strap fixed to the top of the joists/blockings to prevent possible downward tilt. See picture.

Step nine: The stair landing

make the landing for the tree house floor

Make the stair landing.

Cantilever the landing from under the platform joists.

Run the landing joists 1500mm (5ft) under the platform joists.

Secure the landing joists to the platform boundary joist with galvanized twist strap or similar. (See the picture as well as the plans for further detail.)

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