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How to build a Tree House with a Slide and Swing-Set

kids playground

Page 1:  Introduction and Plans
Page 2:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 3:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 4:  Instructions - Deck and Slide
Page 5: Instructions - The Steps
Page 6: Instructions - The Steps
Page 7: Instructions - The Handrail
Page 8: Instructions - The Swing-Set

Step ten: The deck boards

fix the floorboards to the tree house floor

Start laying the deck boards.

Begin by nailing the first deck board flush with the front joist and then continue with the rest.

Cut around any branches.

Step eleven: More deck boards

continue fixing the floorboards to the tree house floor

Continue laying the deck boards until finished.

Trim off any excess.

Do the same on the landing.

Step twelve: Attach the slide

attach a slide to the tree house floor

Attach the slide.

Most slides that you purchase will come with full installation instructions.

For information about slides and where to purchase them click here.

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