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How to build a Tree House with a Slide and Swing-Set

kids playground

Page 1:  Introduction and Plans
Page 2:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 3:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 4:  Instructions - Deck and Slide
Page 5: Instructions - The Steps
Page 6: Instructions - The Steps
Page 7: Instructions - The Handrail
Page 8: Instructions - The Swing-Set

Step thirteen: Make the step pattern

make a template for the tree house steps

Make a template that you will use to mark out the tread positions on the stair stringers.

Take a piece of cardboard 300mm (12") square or larger (alternatively you can use any type of board or thin wood).

Cut out a triangular piece from the cardboard as shown in the diagram.

Step fourteen: Mark the steps on the stringers

mark the tree house steps

Lay out the two stringers 200x50 (2x8) flat on a couple of work stools.

Hold the cardboard template with its longest edge flush to one edge of the stringer, approx 300mm (12") in from one end, and pencil mark around the template. Repeat this action five times on each stringer.

Ensure that one stringer mirrors the other.

Step fifteen: Mark the treads

mark the treads on the stringers for the tree house

To continue marking out for the treads, use a piece of lumber about 600mm (24") long and the same thickness as the treads, which is approximately 46mm (1 1/2"). This piece of lumber is to be used only for marking and can then be discarded.

Hold this piece of lumber flush on one of the tread pencil lines marked on the stringer.

Mark each side of the 46mm (1 1/2") thick lumber across the full width of the stringers, as shown in the picture.

Repeat this action to all tread lines, on both stringers

Step sixteen: Cut the stringers to length

lay the stair stringers in position against the tree house

Cut the stringers to length.

Lay them in place to check for length.

Make any necessary adjustments.

Sometimes the bottoms of one or both of the stringers may need to be trimmed if the ground is uneven.

Step seventeen: Notch the stringers

check out the stringers for the tree house

Lay the two stringers back on the work stools.

Notch (check out, rebate) the stringers to house the treads.

Set the blade depth on a circular saw to approximately 12mm (1/2") and make repeated cuts along and between the tread markings on the stringers.

There is another article on how to make exterior steps here

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