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How to build a Tree House with a Slide and Swing-Set

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Page 1:  Introduction and Plans
Page 2:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 3:  Instructions - Deck Frame
Page 4:  Instructions - Deck and Slide
Page 5: Instructions - The Steps
Page 6: Instructions - The Steps
Page 7: Instructions - The Handrail
Page 8: Instructions - The Swing-Set

Step twenty-eight: position the tree end of the beam

place the swing-set beam in between tree branches

Sit one end of the swing-set beam in between two solid branches.

Tie securely with rope.

We used a 125mm x 125mm (5"x5") beam that was 3300mm (11ft) long. The height of the beam off the ground was 2500mm (100").

Step twenty-nine: Prop the other end of the beam

prop up the swing-set beam

Prop the other end off the ground 100mm (4") above level.

This is to allow enough room to position and concrete the posts (A-frame) into the ground.

Step thirty: Make and place the 'A' frame for the beam

plan of swing-set end posts

Make up the A-frame which supports the end of the beam.

Work out the overall height of the A-frame (including the part that goes into the ground) and also work out the top angle cuts then make the fame up on the ground.

Fix a temporary brace to the two posts to hold the shape.

When the A-frame is made, determine the position of the footing holes and dig them.

Then stand the A-frame upright in the holes. Use whatever braces and props are necessary to hold the A-frame in the right position and plumb (upright).

Make a mix of concrete in a wheelbarrow at a ratio of 3 gravel, 2 sand and 1 cement. Add clean water and mix to a uniform consistency and carefully shovel the concrete into each hole.

Fill to within 75mm (3") from the top of the hole.

Step thirty-one: Fix the beam

When the concrete has cured, lower the beam onto the A-frame and fix with galvanized nails, nail straps and nail plates.

Finally, hang your choice of swing(s) from the beam.

swing-set frame swings on a swing-set frame

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Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

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