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folding picnic table to bench seat
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How to make a

compact folding picnic table     By Les Kenny


Step 8. Make the seats and tabletop panels.

The size of the seats and table panels is crucial.
The panel sizes are as follows:
Shorter seat area, 190 (7 5/8") x 880 (35 3/8")
Longer seat area, 190 (7 5/8") x 1010 (40 3/8")
Tabletop area, 475 (19") x 1090 (43 5/8")

The formula - The most crucial measurement is the difference in length between the shorter and longer seat, which should be the sum of the thickness of four side framing members. For example, the side framing members are 32.5 mm (1 1/4") thick. Four times that is 130 mm (5"), which is the difference between the length of the two seats.
This formula is worth considering if you want to make the seats longer, or use a thicker wood for the side frames.

Below are the plans for the seats and tabletop. There are two options. The option used in fig.1, which is 140 mm (5 1/2) wide x 19 mm (3/4") thick, tongue and groove boards, and another option used in fig.2 i.e. using 90 mm (3 1/2") wide x 19 mm (3/4") thick boards.

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Note: The sides of the tongue and groove boards fig.1 will need to be trimmed (ripped down) to achieve the correct width of the seats and tabletop.

folding picnic table seat and tabletop plans option 1 folding picnic table seat and tabletop plans option 2