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folding picnic table to bench seat
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How to make a

compact folding picnic table     By Les Kenny


folding picnic table armrest pad dimensions Step 14. The armrest pads.

Out of 140 mm x 19 mm (5 1/2" x 3/4") stock, cut four pieces 325 mm (13") long, and then with a band-saw or jig-saw cut them to shape as shown in the plan drawing.

There will be four altogether, two each side. Each side has a double layer. This is so the first layer can be glued and screwed to the horizontal frame piece [l], and the second layer can be glued on top of that, and screwed from underneath - thus resulting in an armrest pad without visible screw holes or screw heads.

Position the pads over piece [l] as shown in the plan drawing. Ensure that the narrow end butts up against the tabletop support [i].

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Note: The armrest, as well as being for the obvious (to rest your arms), also serves another purpose. It acts as a brake to stop the table from spreading out too far.

folding picnic table armrest lower pad fitted folding picnic table armrest upper pad fitted