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folding picnic table to bench seat
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How to make a

compact folding picnic table     By Les Kenny


Step 2. Shape and drill the frame members

Shape the frame members [a] to [m], as per plan drawings below and on the following page.
bolt and nylon locking nut detail Drill 10 mm (3/8") diameter holes in pieces [d], [f], [i], and [j] with 20 mm (3/4") starter holes to house the bolt heads and the nuts. Refer to the plan drawings below and on the following page for placement.
The drilling procedure: First drill a 3 mm (1/8") pilot hole all the way through the wood, then a 20 mm (3/4") starter hole where required, and then a 10 mm (3/8") diameter hole all the way through.
Make the starter holes deep enough to house the bolt heads and the nuts.
Use a drill-press to ensure best accuracy with the depth of the starter holes.
Pay special attention to the drawings, plans, and photos, to see what side of the wood the starter holes go on.

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pieces for the folding picnic table

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