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How to build an Extendable Picnic Table

Extendable picnic table
Extendable Table

Step 7: Fix the seat-top boards in place picnic table project step 7
Flip the unit (comprising (e) and (b)) over so it is upright. Sit it on an even surface and place the seat boards (a) in position.

Ensure the overhangs at both ends are equal.

Fix the seat boards to the support (e) with nails, but first pre drill the nail holes through the seat boards (a) to help eliminate the possibility of the wood splitting.

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Step 8: Finish the first seat picnic table project step 8
Turn the unit (comprising (a) (b) (e) - works so far) upside-down and sit it on an even surface.

Clamp the legs (g) in place. Refer to the 'plan drawing' for placement.

Drill and bolt each leg with one bolt positioned approximately 40 mm (1 1/2") down from the narrower side of the seat-top support (e). See the picture.

Also nail (when the unit is back in upright position) through the seat boards down into the top of each leg with one nail at each meeting.

Fix some galvanized fixing band (metal strap) to the seat-top support (e) and the brace (b), to tie them together. Refer to the picture.

Step 9: Make up the second bench seat picnic table project step 9
That's the first bench done. Now lets move onto the second.

Make up the second bench seat in the same manner as the first with one added bonus - you can use the first bench seat as a work bench to make up the second.

That of course, is only a bonus if you don't already have your own work bench in place.   Continue >