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How can I make my garden more secure


Note: This section is now in the archives and the advice service has finished but feel welcome to look over these previously posted articles. An important aspect of garden design, which is often ...

Understanding Lumber sizes

Understanding Lumber sizes

Easy projects - easy language! This section contains DIY woodworking and building projects or articles with simple, easy-to-follow instructions and explanations. About lumber sizes First a timber ...

DIY Ingenuity

drop-saw repaired

The lads were working away when the main spring in their compound miter saw broke. For those of you who do not know, a compound miter saw is a circular saw on an arm that can be raised up or down ...

A bit about safety


It's a good idea to get into good safety practices at an early age. General If you do not know how to use a tool properly, ask someone for help. This isn't just for safety; using tools properly can ...

A bit about wood


Wood used for building is referred to differently from place to place. In North America the wood used for building is referred to as lumber, where as in Australasia it is referred to as timber. So in ...

Handy tips


A few handy tips and hints that might help make the task just that little bit safer and easier. Tool tips Using adult good quality tools makes the task easierUse a sharp 8 point (8 teeth per ...

A bit about nails and bolts

Rusty Nails

This page covers some basic information about nails and bolts. The terminology for different types of nails and bolts varies from place to place but generally, the same nails and bolts are used for ...

Painting Exteriors


Which Paint, Where?PreparationApplying the PaintChecklist If you're painting a large exterior area, a little psychology helps. Identify sections and then prepare and paint one section at a time. ...

Painting Walls and Ceilings

Paint Ceiling

Which Paint, Where?Selecting Tools for the JobPreparationPaintingCleaning UpChecklist 1. Which Paint, Where? There are two types of paint available for interior surfaces: water based or ...

Pebble Path

pebble path

This project explains how to make a pebble path using 100x75 (3"x4") treated lumber for the edgings, 20mm (3/4") graded base course metal and a choice of a number of topings (pebbles, bark, shell, ...

Handrail Anatomy


One example  Note: All lumber must be suitable for exterior use. a) Decking b) Joists c) Boundary joist: The boundary joist is fixed to the perimeter of the deck to give a neat finish ...

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