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Garden Shed Project
a tudor style garden shed
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to build an
8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed
See the video
Help files will be added to this page as needed from time to time.
Page 19: A few help notes for the Tudor Shed project

bullet Help sources - Where to find help

bullet Help with measurement - Understanding the measurements

bullet Help with angles - How to work out the angles

bullet Help with wood sizes - wood sizes used in this project

Section 19.1 Help sources - Where to find help

There are a few help initiatives for the Tudor Shed Project.

1.) There are help notes on this page. Help notes added to this page are ongoing. Feedback and user input determines what is added to this page.

Note: We do not personally offer or give any project advice or help by e-mail or snail mail. We do, however, take on board any constructive criticism and make adjustments if warranted and we do try to supply help initiatives.

2.) An excellent source of helpful information is in the form of comments and photos that are sent in by people that have completed the project.
Such comments and photos can be found at Section 21.1 User Comments/Photos.
We welcome your photos and comments.
Of course, if the project is recently posted, it takes a while for the "User Comments/Photos" section to be populated.

3.) There is a 'Q &A Forum' where you can ask questions, read other peoples questions or maybe even help with answers.
Simply post a question and come back later to see what answers may await you. Although sometimes that can take awhile, so probably best to stick to what's on this page and the "User Comments/Photos" section.

4.) There is also a glossary of terms which can be found in Section 20.1 Glossary.
The glossary gives an explanation of terminology (project words) used in this project.

Section 19.2 Help with measurement - Understanding the measurements

All measurements throughout this project are given in both Standard/Imperial inches, and Metric (mm).
The measurements are given first in inches, followed by millimeters (mm) in brackets ( ).

1 1/2" x 3 1/2" means wood that is 1 1/2 (one and a half) inches thick by 3 1/2 (three and a half) inches wide.
And the equivalent in metric...
90mm x 45mm means wood that is 90 millimeters wide by 45 millimeters thick.

The millimeter measurements are written opposite to the standard measurements. Why?
In North America they call the smaller side first. Example: 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
In Australasia they call the bigger side first. Example: 90mm x 45mm

The inch sizes are not an exact match to the equivalent millimeter sizes, because for rounding-off purposes we translate 1" as being 25mm which is not exactly right but near enough..

A shed built using the metric measurements will be approximately 1.6% smaller (hardly worth worrying about) than a shed built using the imperial (ft and in) measurements.

In other words, use one or the other but do not mix the two (for those of you who can work with both standard and metric measurements) and you should have no problems as far as the dimensions go.

The imperial measurements are more suited to North America. The metric measurements are more suited to Australasia and other countries.

Section 19.3 Help with angles - How to work out the angles

Because of the sloping wall and the pitch of the roof, there will be a few different angles you will have to work with.

Sometimes throughout this project you will have to make some angle cuts across certain members.

Some of the angles may sound a bit daunting to figure out, but it is really quite easy once you know how.

There is a separate help file that explains how to pre-draw all the angles on a square panel and then, with an adjustable T-bevel, you can simply transfer the angles to the members that require angle-cutting.

To see go to
Working with angles
Getting the angles

Section 19.4 Help with wood sizes - wood sizes used in this project

The wood sizes referred to in this project are the actual sizes and are not the nominal sizes.

The bulk of the shed framework is made out of 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" (90mm x 45mm) wood which is the actual size.

ACTUAL and NOMINAL (what that's all about!)
It is easy to see why some people get confused when purchasing wood, as when you go to the supplier and ask for a particular stock size, sometimes what you end up with is a different width and thickness than what you asked for.

Why is this?

That's because most wood is identified by it's sawn size (nominal size) rather than actual size which is smaller due to dressing (planing) and/or drying.

NOMINAL SIZE (also called sawn or rough sawn) is the size of the wood when it is first sawn such as 2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm).
When the sawn wood is seasoned, dressed or planed the size becomes smaller which is the ACTUAL SIZE.

Therefore..... A piece of 2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm) wood (nominal, sawn size) may become approximately 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" (90mm x 45mm) which is the actual size.

By the way, some countries that use the metric system put the bigger number first (100x50) and countries that use the imperial or standard system put the smaller number first (2x4).

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bullet Page 2: Plan Drawings and Material List
bullet Page 3: Making the floor
bullet Page 4: Making the front and rear wall frames
bullet Page 5: Making the curved bracing members
bullet Page 6: Making the side wall frames
bullet Page 7: Making the plywood wall panels
bullet Page 8: Cutting and preparing the roof frame
bullet Page 9: Painting the wall frames and panels
bullet Page 10: Fixing the wall panels to the frames
bullet Page 11: Positioning the floor
bullet Page 12: Standing the walls
bullet Page 13: Assembling the roof frame
bullet Page 14: Fixing the roof cover
bullet Page 15: Making the door
bullet Page 16: Making the window
bullet Page 17: Hanging the door and window
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bullet Page 19: Help
bullet Page 20: Glossary
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