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Garden Shed Project
a tudor style garden shed
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to build an
8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed
See the video
Page 2: Plan Drawings and a Material List
Further down is a Material List.

Click on an image below to enlarge.

shed sub-floor plan
shed flooring plan
shed frame layout plan
shed front wall frame plan
shed back wall frame plan
shed side wall frames
shed side elevation plan
shed front wall siding plan
shed rear wall siding plan
shed side wall siding plan
shed roof plan
shed door and window plan
Section 2.1.7 Side Elevation Plan

side elevation plan
Section 2.2 Material List

Some useful notes:

Use treated wood, or wood suitable for outside use.

Where only the total amounts are given, try to purchase in lengths as long as possible to minimize wastage.

When cutting the frame members, cut the longest members first, then cut the shorter pieces from the off-cuts to avoid wastage.

The total amounts do allow for a bit of wastage.

For this project you will need...

9 of 4ft x 8ft (1200mm x 2400mm) sheets 3/4" (19mm) thick.

1 1/2 x 9 1/2" (240mm x 45mm) wood:
32ft (10 meters) for the curved decorative braces. This is optional but does look good.

4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) wood:
2 lengths at 81 1/2" (2040mm) long.

1 1/2" x 3 1/2" (90mm x 45mm) wood:
410ft (123 meters)

3/4" x 6" (150mm x 19mm) boards:
48 lengths at 96" (2400mm)

Acrylic sheet (plastic glass) 3mm (1/8") thick:
4 pieces @ 8" x 12" (200mm x 300mm), 4 pieces @ 7" x 8" (175mm x 200mm).

Other bits and pieces you will need...

An 8ft (2400mm) length of 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) galvanized angle for the ridge cap,
20 galvanized hurricane ties 8" (200mm) long,
some adhesive clear sealant for the windows,
some wood glue,
3 of 6" (150mm) T-hinges for the door,
2 of 3 1/2" (90mm) butt hinges for the window,
a latch for the door,
a latch for the window,
around 7 lb (3 kg) of 4" (100mm) flathead galvanized nails,
around 7 lb (3 kg) of 3" (75mm) flathead galvanized nails,
around 2 lb (1 kg) of 2 1/2" (60mm) flathead galvanized nails,
and some paint of your choice.

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bullet Page 1: Introduction, Informative Stuff
bullet Page 2: Plan Drawings and Material List
bullet Page 3: Making the floor
bullet Page 4: Making the front and rear wall frames
bullet Page 5: Making the curved bracing members
bullet Page 6: Making the side wall frames
bullet Page 7: Making the plywood wall panels
bullet Page 8: Cutting and preparing the roof frame
bullet Page 9: Painting the wall frames and panels
bullet Page 10: Fixing the wall panels to the frames
bullet Page 11: Positioning the floor
bullet Page 12: Standing the walls
bullet Page 13: Assembling the roof frame
bullet Page 14: Fixing the roof cover
bullet Page 15: Making the door
bullet Page 16: Making the window
bullet Page 17: Hanging the door and window
bullet Page 18: Fitting the drip caps
bullet Page 19: Help
bullet Page 20: Glossary
bullet Page 21: User Comments/Photos
bullet Page 22: Main Index


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