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Garden Shed Project
a tudor style garden shed
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to build an
8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed
See the video
Main Index
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   Page 1: Introduction, Informative Stuff
Section 1.1 Introduction
Section 1.2 Navigation
Section 1.3 Shed description and size
Section 1.4 Wood sizes and measurements
Section 1.5 The angle cuts
Section 1.6 Regarding help with the project
Section 1.7 Disclaimer and copyright stuff

The Plans and Materials List
   Page 2: Plan Drawings and Material List
Section 2.1.1  Sub-floor plan
Section 2.1.2  Flooring plan
Section 2.1.3  Frame layout plan
Section 2.1.4  Front wall-frame plan
Section 2.1.5  Rear wall-frame plan
Section 2.1.6  Side wall-frame plan
Section 2.1.7  Side Elevation plan
Section 2.1.8  Front-wall sheet plan
Section 2.1.9  Rear-wall sheet plan
Section 2.1.10 Side-wall sheet plan
Section 2.1.11 Roof plan
Section 2.1.12 Door and Window plan
Section 2.2     Material list

The Floor
   Page 3: Making the floor
Section 3.1 Before you start advice notes
Section 3.2 Cutting the bearers and floor joists
Section 3.3 Making the sub-floor
Section 3.4 Ensuring the floor frame is square
Section 3.5 Completing the sub-floor
Section 3.6 Laying the floor sheet

The Front and Rear Wall-Frame
   Page 4: Making the front and rear wall frames
Section 4.1 Cutting the front and rear wall-frame members
Section 4.2 Assembling the front and rear wall-frame members

The Curved Bracing
   Page 5: Making the curved bracing members
Section 5.1 Marking the curved members
Section 5.2 Cutting and fixing the curved members

The Side Wall-Frame
   Page 6: Making the side wall-frames
Section 6.1 Cutting the side wall-frame members
Section 6.2 Assembling the side wall-frame members

The Wall Cladding (Making)
   Page 7: Making the plywood wall-panels
Section 7.1 Marking the plywood wall-panels
Section 7.2 Cutting the plywood wall-panels

The Roof (Cutting)
   Page 8: Cutting and preparing the roof frame
Section 8.1 Cutting the rafters
Section 8.2 Joining the fly rafters to the common rafters
Section 8.3 Making the ridge board

   Page 9: Painting the wall frames and panels
Section 9.1 What to paint
Section 9.2 What not to paint

Cladding the Frames
   Page 10: Fixing the wall panels to the frames
Section 10.1 Positioning the wall-panels
Section 10.2 Cutting away the door-frame bottom plate
Section 10.3 Wall-panel nailing Detail

The Floor (Putting in place)
   Page 11: Positioning the floor
Section 11.1 Positioning the sub-floor
Section 11.2 Anchoring the sub-floor
Section 11.3 Fixing the floor to the sub-floor

The Walls (Standing them)
   Page 12: Standing the walls
Section 12.1 Standing the walls
Section 12.2 Fixing the walls together

The Roof Frame (Putting up)
   Page 13: Assembling the roof frame
Section 13.1 Putting up the ridge board
Section 13.2 Fixing the fly rafters
Section 13.3 Adding the common rafters

The Roof Cover
   Page 14: Fixing the roof cover
Section 14.1 Laying and fixing the roof boards
Section 14.2 Fixing the ridge cap
Section 14.3 About the barge cap and barge board
Section 14.4 Cutting and fixing the barge cap and the barge board

The Door
   Page 15: Making the door
Section 15.1 Determining the door size
Section 15.2 Cutting and preparing the door pieces
Section 15.3 Assembling and fixing the door pieces
Section 15.4 Making the glass stop for the door windows
Section 15.5 Painting the door
Section 15.6 Fitting the window panes

The Window
   Page 16: Making the window
Section 16.1 Determining the window sash size
Section 16.2 Making the window sash
Section 16.3 Painting the window
Section 16.4 Fitting in the window panes

Hanging the Door/Window
   Page 17: Installing the door and window
Section 17.1 Fitting the hinges
Section 17.2 Hanging the door and window

The Drip Cap
   Page 18: Fitting the drip caps
Section 18.1 Making and fixing the drip cap

   Page 19: A few help notes for the Tudor Shed project
Section 19.1  Help sources - Where to find help
Section 19.2  Help with measurement - Understanding the measurements
Section 19.3  Help with angles - How to work out the angles
Section 19.4  Help with wood sizes - wood sizes used in this project
Helpfile 1      Angles
Helpfile 1.1   Working with angles
Helpfile 1.2   Getting the angles

Glossary of Terms
   Page 20: Glossary
Section 20.1 Glossary

User Comments and/or Photos
   Page 21: User Comments/Photos
Section 21.1 User Comments/Photos

Main Index (This page)
Page 22:    Main Index

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