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Garden Shed Project
a tudor style garden shed
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

How to build an
8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed
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Page 8: Cutting and preparing the roof frame
Section 8.1 Cutting the rafters

Cut 14 rafters at 72" (1800mm) long with an angle cut in at one end 36.87 degree off square.

Need help working out the angles?   See Getting the angles
shed rafter

cutting the shed rafters Stand the rafters on edge, stacked next to one-and-other, on a couple of saw-horses, with the bottoms of the rafters facing up.

Make sure the ends are flush.

Hold them firmly in place with a clamp or two.

Pencil a line across the rafters, in 1/2" (37mm) from the square-cut ends.

Set the circular saw blade to a 45 degree angle and cut along the pencil line.

Use a disk sander to round the 45 degree cuts.
You can round them as little or as much as you like. It is solely for looks.

With the clamps still on, turn the rafters over so the tops are facing up.

Measure down from the top and make a mark every 4" (100mm) along all the rafters.

Those marks are for roof-board placement.

A Tip or Two!
There are 12 plan drawings you can refer to at anytime.
To see them go to page 2.
The page contents are listed at the bottom of every page but the Main Index page also lists every sub-section.
There is a help page on page 19, and a glossary of terms on page 20.
Section 8.2 Joining the fly rafters to the common rafters fly rafter and common rafter joined

Now is as good a time as any to fix the fly rafters to the end common rafters.

Cut 12 blocks 13 1/4" (330mm) long.

Stand 8 rafters side-by-side with their ends flush.

Pencil-mark across the eight rafters every 21 1/4" (530mm) down from the top. Three marks in all.

Spread the rafters apart in pairs.

Place three blocks in between each pair.
Position the blocks on the top side of the marks on the rafters.
Ensure everything is square and nail the rafters to the blocks, creating a sort of ladder effect.

Section 8.3 Making the ridge board

Cut a 3/4" x 6" (150mm x 19mm) ridge board at 96" (2400mm) long. Cut a rebate at each end as shown in the drawing below.
ridge board for the shed

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bullet Page 1: Introduction, Informative Stuff
bullet Page 2: Plan Drawings and Material List
bullet Page 3: Making the floor
bullet Page 4: Making the front and rear wall frames
bullet Page 5: Making the curved bracing members
bullet Page 6: Making the side wall frames
bullet Page 7: Making the plywood wall panels
bullet Page 8: Cutting and preparing the roof frame
bullet Page 9: Painting the wall frames and panels
bullet Page 10: Fixing the wall panels to the frames
bullet Page 11: Positioning the floor
bullet Page 12: Standing the walls
bullet Page 13: Assembling the roof frame
bullet Page 14: Fixing the roof cover
bullet Page 15: Making the door
bullet Page 16: Making the window
bullet Page 17: Hanging the door and window
bullet Page 18: Fitting the drip caps
bullet Page 19: Help
bullet Page 20: Glossary
bullet Page 21: User Comments/Photos
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