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How to build an 8x7 Tudor-Style Shed

Section 17: Installing the door and window

Section 17.1. Fitting the hinges

fitting the hinges on the shed door and window

The door opens out, and the widow opens up.

Therefore, hinges need to be fixed to the side stile (vertical side member) of the door, and to the top rail on the window sash.

The door uses three 6" (150mm) T-hinges and the window uses two 3 1/2" (90mm) butt-hinges.

Begin fitting the hinges by laying the door and the window on saw-horses or other work platform.
Screw three 6" (150mm) T-hinges to the side stile of the door, one in line with the top rail, one in line with the middle rail and one in line with the bottom rail.

Do you want the door opening out to the left or to the right? That will determine what side of the door you fix the hinges to.

The window will need two 3 1/2" (90mm) butt-hinges screwed to the top rail but they will need to be sunk 5/16" (5mm) into the rail.


Because the window sash is the same thickness as the surrounding frame. If the hinges were not checked into the top rail, then the sash would bind or jam against the stop when being opened or closed.

By sinking the hinge into the rail, it brings the top of the sash away from the stop, thus eliminating the possibility of binding or jamming.

Once the hinges are on, the door and window are ready to hang in place.

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Section 17.2. Hanging the door and window

hang the door and window in the frame

Place the door in the door opening and pack the sides, top, and bottom (between the door and the opening) so there is even gap all the way around.

Then screw the hinges to the surrounding frame.
Take out the packers, align and fix the bolt catch.

Hang the window following the same procedure.

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