User’s Handiwork – Bench with center table

Bench made by Mike Bench made by Mike from a buildeazy plan. The plans can be seen here×6-lumber/ Mike says I made this from some old fence wood. Thanks for the plan. I love it. Mike (Scotland).

User’s Handiwork – King chair project

King chair made by Scott This King chair was made by Scott from a buildeazy plan. The plans can be seen here Scott says I really enjoyed making this chair. Found some old 4x4s behind my garage shortly after i bought my new home. Hung onto them waiting for the right project to come … Read more

Two seater bench with center table

Easy step-by-step picture laden instructions – Just follow along By Les Kenny This style of bench has been around for yonks. This is my version of it. I have authored another (cheaper-to-make) version here. I hope you find these plans useful and easy to understand, if so – please share. I appreciate feedback (end of … Read more

Two seater bench with built in table made of 1×6 lumber

2 seater bench seat

By Les Kenny This style of bench is very common and there are many varied versions posted around the place. This is my version. Novice woodworker Zoe made this table – more » What differentiates this fellow is that it is built mostly out of rough 1×6 (150mm x 25mm) actual (true) size lumber. But … Read more

User’s Handiwork – K2 telephone box by Evgeny

K2 telephone box made by Evgeny This K2 telephone box was made by Evgeny from a buildeazy plan. The free telephone box plans can be seen here The $5 downloadable telephone box plans can be got from here Evgeny says Hello!My name is Evgeny Kochergin. I am from russia. Of your plans, I … Read more

Build a Garden Chair

Garden chair project by Les Kenny This garden chair was designed as a project for Jess – a novice woodworker. Jess came to a small workshop I was running in Melbourne to do her first ever woodworking project. This is her chair More » Jess’s first build, her story and photos This is a very … Read more

DIY playhouse project

Build a playhouse by Les Kenny Built like a real house. This is a very sturdy playhouse, constructed along the lines of a real house. And although this little playhouse is only 1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft), You could use the same basic principles to build a larger structure. This indepth article to some … Read more

Arbors and Pergolas

Arbors and Pergolas Click on any ‘Arbors and Pergolas’ image above to go to that project

Gated arbor

Build a gated arbor by Les Kenny Related articles: [Attached pergola] [Garden arbor] [Peaked arbor] [Pergola arbor] This narrow (depthwise) gated arbor is basically two gate posts with an overhead top consisting of two short decorative beams, two rafters and laths (strips of wood) capable of holding a vine or similar type of plant if so required. The arbor … Read more

How to build a peaked arbor

A Peaked Arbor by Les Kenny Related articles: [Gated arbor] [Attached pergola] [Garden arbor] [Pergola arbor] This peaked arbor is a solid construction with 100×100 (4×4) posts, 100×50 (2×4) rafters, 50×50 (2×2) roof frame members and 50×50 (2×2) laths. The overall height is approximately 2600mm (104″) although that can be changed to suit, and the footprint is 1100mm (44″) … Read more