Build A Basic DIY Drawer

Build A Basic DIY Drawer

Ready to start working on a new project? Want to try your hand at making a drawer?  Don’t be discouraged by all the intricate and complex joinery on the web. Making your own DIY drawer is ...

How To Whitewash Wood

How to Whitewash Wood 2

There are many reasons why you might want to whitewash wood. Not only can it give timber a distressed look, but it also brings a softness to the overall aesthetic appeal, especially to even the ...

How To Remove Super Glue

How To Remove Super Glue

When reassembling a porcelain statue, repairing a broken corner on a coaster, or reattaching the sole of a shoe, super glue is a lifesaver. Crazy glue or superglue is cyanoacrylate, an acrylic resin ...

How To Frame A Window

How To Frame A Window

Window frames need to be precise, or else you won’t get the support that your window needs.  Framing a window is done before the actual window installation. So, unlike with a mirror, or a ...

How To Distress Furniture

How To Distress Furniture?

Who doesn’t love shabby-chic furniture? If you like having old and antique decor in your home, then learning how to distress furniture is a valuable skill. Especially since adding new and more ...

What Is Wood Veneer?

What Is Wood Veneer?

Veneer has built up a bit of a bad reputation. Often associated with cheap and peeling furniture, the term veneer has been tainted by its use to describe low-cost laminates. However, it might be ...

How To Build A Bat House

How To Build A Bat House?

Bats are beautiful creatures, and giving them a home in your garden can be really beneficial: Did you know that just one small brown bat can gobble up over 60 months or 1000 mosquito-sized insects ...

How To Build A Murphy Bed

How To Build A Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed brings the best of both worlds to your home: it provides you with a pull-down bed for whenever you need an extra place to sleep, while also giving you a decorative unit by the wall when ...

How To Split Wood

How To Split Wood?

Heating your home or cottage with wood will take a steady supply of split logs. There are few methods of home heating as rewarding as burning wood you have cut on a roaring fire; the physical ...

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