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Below is a list of thumbnail images, each depicting a particular BuildEazy™ free plan or project.
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The project images are not in any set order. No rhyme or reason, so have a good flit through.

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Seesaw with sliding seats glasshouse Kids folding picnic table TARDIS folding table elf cave how to make a dolls house how to make a rustic park bench how to make a hexagonal picnic table how to make a 10 x 10 tudor style storage shed how to build an English red telephone box How to make a throne How to make a plywood playhouse How to make a plywood kids desk how to make a spiral wind spinner How to make a concrete chair how to make a king chair how to make a sliding gate how to make a garden lounger How to make a sawhorse how to make a kids bed how to make a set of bunk beds free chicken coop construction plans. Both metric and imperial versions A sturdy entry arbor. Plans and instructions both metric and imperial How to build a greenhouse. Free plans metric and imperial versions Free plans for a 10 x 8 storage shed. Detailed plans, step by step instructions easy to make planter box joined with wire. Both metric and imperial dimensions how to make a cape cod chair how to make a folding chair how to make a concrete seat how to make a tudor style garden shed

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