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The BuildEazy free-plan list


Below is the complete list of buildeazy's own free wood working and project plans in alphabetical order. Click on a link below to jump straight to that particular project.
All plans listed are copyright protected. Feel free to use them for your own personal use. Please note that Buildeazy does not give any project advice or help directly. Help is in the form of user input (if any), found at the end of most projects.


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Sawhorse   How to make a carpenters sawhorse.
Scooter   kids scooter. Metric and imperial versions.
Screen   high trellis (lattice) screen.
Scroll saw pattern   Pattern suitable for corbel.
Seat   bench seat for a deck.
Seat, concrete   how to make a concrete seat.
Seat - old stye     How to build an old style bench seat.
Seat   Garden seat. Three seater.
Seat, Concrete     How to make a concrete seat
Seesaw     How to make a seesaw with sliding seats
Shed   8ft x 8ft Gable Shed Plans
Shed   Garden shed. Metric and Standard
Shed   A narrow backyard shed
Shed     7'x8' board and batten shed.
Shelving   How to install basic shelving
Shower installation   Replace an old shower with new.
Sliding gate   How to make a sliding gate
Step stool   How to make a step stool.
Steps   How to make exterior steps.
Steps   Wide retaining wall steps.
Stone path   A pebble stone path.
Stool   A simple garden stool. metric and imperial dimensions.
Storage Bench     How to build a boot bench.
Storage Shed   Garden shed. Metric and Standard
swing   How to make a rope swing.
swing seat   How to make a swing seat.
swing-seat support frame   How to make a swing-seat holding frame.
Table   A simple to make small coffee table.
Table  1200mm x 600mm (2ft x 4ft) Lounge-room coffee table.
Table   A basic workbench table.
Telephone box   English red K2 telephone kiosk.
Throne   How to make a Garden Throne.
Timber fences   All to do with timber fences.

Tree House   How to make a kids treehouse.
Trellis   All to do with trellis (lattice).
Trellis walk-thru Screen   high trellis (lattice) screen.
Upholstery     How to make an upholstered drop in seat.
Walker   How to make a kid's walker/pushcart.
Wall bench   How to make a folding work bench.
Wall desk   How to build a wall mounted drawing, drafting and writing desk
Water level   How to make a bucket and hose water-level.
Wendy house metric version   A child's Wendy playhouse.
Wendy house imperial (ft&ins) version   A child's Wendy playhouse.
Wheelbarrow   A timber garden wheelbarrow.
Wheelbarrow   A lumber garden wheelbarrow. Ft and inch version
Window   How to make a window suitable for a shed or playhouse.
Window installation   How to install a window or exterior door.
Wishing well full size   How to build a full size wishing well.
Wishing well medium size   How to build a planter wishing well.
Wooden Bucket   A decorative wooden bucket.
Workbench   A basic work table.
Workbench folding   How to make a wall mounted folding work bench.

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