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the d.i.y. buildeazy workshop
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

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Welcome to the Buildeazy D.I.Y. Workshop. In this segment, we will be bringing you projects from the workshop as opposed to the front lawn, the backyard, under a tarpaulin or from just about anywhere else it's possible to swing a hammer.

The workshop will enable us up the ante by providing videos to complement the projects.

Below is a list of the projects to date from the workshop.

plywood playhouse How to make a Plywood Playhouse

This playhouse can be dismantled and re-assembled again.

Ideal if you are soon to be moving house.   More >>>

how to make a concrete chair How to make a concrete chair

Here we venture into a bit of concrete furniture making. The form is made in the workshop but the concrete work is done on-site.

Plans, instructions and photos.   More >>>

wooden king's chair How to make a Garden Throne

This garden throne is just as much a garden feature as something to sit on.

Plans, directions and photos. There are two versions - one in metric and one in imperial.   More >>>

how to make a sliding driveway gate How to make a sliding gate

This sliding gate is made completely out of wood.

Plans, directions and photos. Dimensions in both metric and imperial   More >>>

how to make a sawhorse How to make a sawhorse

Our old sawhorses were getting a bit long in the tooth so it seemed about time to make a couple of new ones.

These sawhorses can be made using just hand tools, i.e. no power tools needed.   More >>>

how to make a track dolly How to make a track dolly

A track dolly is a wheeled platform that can glide smoothly along the ground on tracks, while supporting a camera and tripod.

Figured we might need a track dolly to help improve our video shooting. A lot of fun to make   More >>>

kids bed project How to make a kids size single bed

A bed for a kid's bedroom.

How to make a bed. Suitable for kids up to 10 years or so. Why have a full size single bed when it is not needed. A real space saver in the kids bedroom.   More >>>

kids bunk beds project How to make a set of bunk beds

Bunk Beds for a kid's bedroom.

This is a more or less a continuation of the above project and shows how to convert two beds into bunks.
Included are a few safety notes.   More >>>

garden lounge chair project How to make a garden lounge chair

Garden lounger project.

If you just want to lay back and laze in the sun or relax in your garden, then this chair is for you.
This lounge chair is constructed solely out of 1"x4" (25mm x 100mm) wood.   More >>>

More coming soon...

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